Gnome On Pig Productions Incorporated

Everyone needs a Gnome in the home!

Who Works for Gnome On Pig Productions?

Alexis Olsansky-Allinson

CEO/Owner of Gnome On Pig Productions

Alexis has decided to establish this business out of her love of art and writing.

She has been a published poet since the age of 14. Having her work published since this age has given her a great amount on insight to the ever changing marketplace. Alexis is also an author of novels. She has illustrated a short lived comic strip and has painted many works as well. How others who are driven to be authors, illustrators, photographers and artists are seeking someone to aid them in reaching this goal. This desire for her to assist others through the experience of her own dealings in the industry is a great part of why she started Gnome On Pig Productions.

With the support of her family and close friends, some of who are also a part of this wonderful, imagination driven world of ups and downs, Alexis is looking to help others succeed in their endeavors to be noticed in this world filled with authors and artists of all forms.

“Everyone needs a gnome in their home,” is the motto Alexis has established to show how much the world needs these hard-working creators of words and pictures.

Mike Allinson

Chief Editor

Mike was born in Orillia, Ontario, Canada in 1977 and the world has never been the same. Positive or negative, the outcome is still pending, but authorities are hopeful.

As a full-time father and highway construction worker, Mike is busy with his wife and children, while still finding the time for his friends, extended family, his cat “Emily 7” and his love of reading. Mike is eclectic in almost all parts of his life. He is equally likely at any moment during a conversation to spring forth with a quote from Captain Kirk or Bilbo Baggins, as he is to share the wise words of Winston Churchill or Ray Bradbury. A collector of memorabilia from the realms of Sci-Fi & fantasy, his shelves are packed with statuettes, toys and collectables, anywhere he can find space around his myriad of books.

As a self-proclaimed spelling and grammar perfectionist, Mike likes to spend his time reading anything he can get his hands on, while silently editing in his mind. Don't let his somewhat sarcastic sense of humor deter you, Mike is passionate in anything he sets his mind to. He's an easy guy to communicate with and jumps in with both feet to help others if he can.

Adam M. Scott

Submissions Supervisor/Editor/Author

Adam contributes is variety of art and writing knowledge to help Gnome On Pig Productions accept the candidates is will accept for future representation.  He will be the first to look at the creations of the imaginations of those who submit work to the company and decide if we should add them to our unique collective of artisans, writers, illustrators, and creative group.

Adam states that he's a "picky eater" in all aspects of his life.  

Jessica Lami


Jessica is a hands on person who likes to experience new and unique experiences.  She is well read in all genres, but tends to prefer fantasy or science fiction.  This is what has helped her build herself up as an editor and author.

Jessica loves nature and to be a part of it whenever she can get away.  This is what lead to her first vocation as a Veterinarian Technician.  Her Native Heritage also plays a big part in her daily wisdom and lifestyle.

A mother to two children and a wife to a loving husband has made her feel compete.  She is now writing and editing for the added adventure.  "I sure hope I'm ready for this," she ponders as she takes on this new job.

Typical Saying from Jessica, "For the love of the Goddess, be good!"

Tim Sutcliffe


Tim is an up and coming artist/illustrator who has signed on to Gnome On Pig Productions.

He will be helping with the artistic needs of authors for such things as illustrations, graphic prints and merchandising.

Tim has been self motivated to get his artwork noticed around the world for gaming designs and other avenues.

Danielle Kish


Not one for wanting to be in front of a camera as much as she wants to be behind a paint brush, Danielle has won awards for some of her art pieces.

Loving to try new things, she does cover art and illustrations for Gnome On Pig Productions.

You can experience some of Danielle work through our books...Nandana (Cover); The Girl Who Travelled the World by Accident (Cover and interior illustrations); Capricious Vistions (Cover); Just Lucky Book 1 (Cover);The Dismantling (Cover)...and many more to come.

Personal quote:  "Taking a selfie just tells the world you have no friends to take your picture."