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Books Listed by Genre

Books listed in alphabetical order by author's last name

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Ages Infant to 12

The books listed in this section are designed for children ages infant to 12.  It does not mean older children or adults will not like ore appreciate these books.


(In alphabetical order according to author's last name)

Standard Story Books


One More Snowball Please

written by: Jessica Lami

illustrated by: Timothy Sutcliffe

Ages: 3+


Sadie loves a lot of things, but chasing snowballs is the best thing!

Based on one of the animals a part of author Jessica Lami's life, One More Snowball, Please will delight and enchant all readers young and old.

Books By V.L. Marsell

Tilli the Orphaned Turtle

written by: V.L. Marsell

illustrated by: Lindsey McCartney

Ages: 2+


Tilli is an orphan. Her parents just disappeared one day so when two little girls adopt her and take her home she feels thrilled to be apart of a family again.

*You can find V.L. Marsell's Christmas Book in our Holiday section.

Books by Ollin Funn

Stealing Bellybuttons

written by: Ollin Funn

illustrated by: Elizabeth Eichelberger

Ages: 3+


Eric is a little boy who is going to steal all the bellybuttons in the world! It isn't until he steals the bellybuttons from those closest to him that he realizes he has also stolen all theirlaughter.

Tommy the Robot Boy

written by: Ollin Funn

illustrated by: Elizabeth Eichelberger

Ages: 3+


Tommy is having fun with his new robot toy by imagining all the fun it would be to become a robot himself. Join his journey and see what else you could imagine you could do as a robot.

Children's Chapter Books

Missing Hailey

written by: Alexis Allinson

Ages: 6+


A little boy has lost his sister.

A man has lost himself.

A community has lost interest.

One small girl, looking for answers, discovered more than she expected.

She found a friend, found herself, and found a purpose as she embarked on a journey to change lives.

Books by Tom J. Perrin

The Girl Who Travelled the World by Accident

written by: Tom J. Perrin

illustrated by: Danielle Kish

Ages: 7+


Savannah is an ordinary little girl who is going on the biggest trip of her life!

How big?

Well...a lot bigger than anyone could have expected.

The Boy Who Wears Red Trousers

written by: Tom J. Perrin

illustrated by: Danielle Kish

Ages: 7+


Alex Hancock is not your average ten-year-old boy.

He is incredibly unique, even if a piece of homework and the school bullies have made him feel otherwise.

Alex finds solace in the school library, and thanks to some magical intervention and his favourite red trousers, Alex finds himself on a journey of learning propelled by his love of fiction.


Dirtbag Danny

written by: April Miller

Ages: 10+


In the not too distant future, parents have the option to “genetically design” their offspring. As a result most of Danny's classmates have been given every genetic advantage their parents could afford. Unfortunately for Danny, his parents had him “naturally” and he does not possess these enhancements.

This is what earns him the misguided title of “Dirtbag”.

Danny understands more than anyone about the reality of being yourself and how you look or the abilities you have don't necessarily make you a better person.

Teen/New Adult

Ages 13+

Books in this section are designed for a youth audience.


(In alphabetical order according to author's last name)

Dark Fantasy/Horror

The Stars Trilogy by Amber Skye Forbes

When Stars Die (Book 1)

written by: Amber Skye Forbes

Ages: 14+


  The City of Malva is rife with puritanical hatred for witches. It is said they embody the Seven Deadly sins of mankind.

  Amelia's only chance of saving her brother Nathaniel, a born witch, is to become a professed nun at Cathedral Reims. Enduring a series of trials including starvation, isolation, physical abuse and blood-sucking leeches, she will sacrifice all that she is to save him.

  Complicating all of this is the fact that Amelia can see what is lurking in the shadows. Shadowmen, seeking witches like Nathaniel to join their ranks. This group of Shadowmen begin planning. The results could be devastating.

  Oliver Cromwell, a dashing priest at Cathedral Reims, is the only one who can protect Amelia, her brother and save Malva. Yet, he may prove to be more dangerous than the shadows themselves.

The Stars Are Infinite (Book 2)

written by:  Amber Skye Forbes

Ages: 14+


  Alice Sheraton is slated to be executed as a witch; however, her father spares her. He sends her to Finight Hill, a safe house for witches. Here a Shadowman begins to pursue her, and from this Shadowman she learns she has been bound with a terrible fate since birth: either be a martyr to free witches from their misery, or choose to live knowing her existence will bring on more chaos.

(Book 3)

Currently being  written by: Amber Skye Forbes

General Adult

Ages 16+

(No explicit material)


(In alphabetical order according to author's last name)



Book 1

Written by: Mark Taylor

Ages: 18+


The dust storms of planet Falstaff rage tirelessly. On its surface, the mining colony Trinity is ending its three-year rotation. Before the miners can celebrate their return to Earth, something comes from the darkness. Something terrible. People are changing.

Contact with the military base on the nearest moon has ceased. Everyone there is gone.

Hundreds are left without hope, cut off from rescue. Help is days away, halfway across the solar system. It may as well be a lifetime.

A chosen handful must find the answers and fight for survival – the overworked project administrator, a first-time engineer, a doctor, and an aging judge, must battle against the darkness seeping into every human on the planet.

Without them it will mean the termination of life on TRINITY.

A science fiction/horror mashup, Trinity is full of action, peril, and terror. A novel where no one is safe…


By: Gary Beck "Stand To Arms Marines" series

Call To Valor 

Book 1

written by: Gary Beck


President Valerie Beaumont is struggling to cope with a crumbling economy and military setbacks. A call for her impeachment is pending from all sides including some of her own supporters.

Marine Major Sam Hanson refuses a presidential order to surrender his battalion to be butchered by ISIS when they overrun the Mid-East. He's reduced to the ranks and sent to a company of Marines that provides security to the hospital complex in New York City that serves the now dominant U.N. He meets Dr. Carver, they become friends and cooperate in dealing with the aggressive Arabs.

A deadly terrorist attack kills Hanson's son and Carver's daughter. They make a plan to identify the terrorist cell and eliminate them. They target a safe house in Brooklyn and after a brief fight they discover nuclear material, intended for a dirty bomb. Government agencies dismiss the threat of more nuclear material out there, and it will be up to a new President to avoid a nuclear disaster.

Crumbling Ramparts

Book 2

written by: Gary Beck


Crumbling Ramparts, is the action-packed thriller sequel to Call to Valor, and has us reunited with Marine Major Sam Hanson.

In the wake of the death of his son, Hanson's career has improved, following the election of President Zachery Plant. He's been given more authority to search the homeland for nuclear threats.

When the news reaches Hanson, that Marines are held captive by ISIS, in Iraq, it prompts him to lead a daring rescue mission; giving him a strong urge for retaliation.

A new threat of nuclear war looms.

Bin Laden may be gone, but his terrorism thrives.

Raise the High Walls

Book 3

Written by: Gary Beck

Ages: 18+


General Sam Hanson, U.S.M.C., now National Security Advisor to President Plant, with the support of his comrades and loyal subordinates, starts rebuilding America's place in the world; Canada and Mexico first.

Hanson organizes a search for threatening nuclear material in the homeland and finds some in the Pakistani embassy in Washington, D.C.

and the Iranian Mission in NYC and he forces their removal.

On a friendship building trip to Nicaragua al-Qaeda terrorists incite the locals to attack the Vice-President's and Secretary of State's convoy.

Hanson leads a desperate defense and they're rescued after suffering terrible casualties. Hanson and his comrades are determined to protect their country as they face the ongoing war on terror.

In Defense of the Moth 


A Meaningless Dance in Blinding Heat and Light

written by: Johnny Newport


The Moon...

It is said the moon can move people with its spell, as it does the water of the great oceans, and nobody understands this uncontrollable pull like Johnny Gomez.

Johnny, despite being a devil-may-care fatalist, remains tethered to his reality only by a love for his children, his career and the moon—and not necessarily in that order.

Dominated by a struggle with generalized anxiety disorder, Johnny’s only outward distraction to life’s standard challenges and the only relief for his lifelong affliction is his passion for the moon, which includes his obsessive independent study as well as his communal involvement in an astronomy society with a group of friends.

That is until one night Johnny finds that the moon, and with it his only method of self-medication, no longer exists...but for him only and not anyone else.

Or so it seems, and more than Johnny knows hinges on his rediscovery of the moon.

If you like allegory and/or Platonic apologies for vice and acute insanity, grab “In Defense of the Moth” and join the eclipse.

The First and Final Hours of Paul Weatherby

written by: Fletcher Tanton


Paul Weatherby was born with severe mental and physical disabilities. His parents' daily struggles go on without Paul ever realizing what is truly happening around him.

In his sixteenth year, something happens that is medically inexplicable. Paul wakes up, fully aware of himself as a person. Memories return. Emotions surface. He experiences joy, love, anger and sadness. For the first time, he experiences LIFE!

Unfortunately, no one in his family recognizes what is happening or the Cerebral Vascular Accident that is causing it all.

Science Fiction/Fantasy

Capricious Visions

written by: Edward Ahern


Welcome to the entertainingly demented realities of Edward Ahern. These twenty-five stories take us one step too far—out of the world we know and into fantastic and horrifying visions.

Meet the spirits, elder gods, truly predatory animals, demons and not-normal humans that populate this book.

Sometimes light-hearted, sometimes eerie, sometimes abominable, capricious but always entertaining stories taken from the pages of magazines and anthologies and assembled here.

Blame it on the Dwarf

written by: Barry Rosenberg


Blame it on the Dwarf. Everyone else did – even his mother, the local witch. Despised at home, Bogden left Europe for the 19th century gold rush in Australia. But very soon, he found himself in conflict with Jack, a red-haired digger.

Matters became worse when the albino Dwarf found gold. Big Jack and his mates beat him up and left him for dead. Bogden, however, had enough of his mother’s magic to survive. He returned to the camp at night and woke the drunken Jack just to stick a shovel into his head. Cursing Jack’s descendants, the Dwarf set fire to the miners’ tents and fled.

Buying nearby land, Bogden cursed it to keep other people away. Naturally 150 years later, that was the place chosen for coal seam gas mining. Blame it on the Dwarf. Why else turn a food bowl into a wasteland?

Sophie, an actress with a greenie theatre group, led the protest against the mine. But just days before she is to lead an important rally, she is kidnapped. By Red Jack, of course, who has started to manifest a dwarfish aura.

Sophie, still in her costume as a modern Madame Butterfly, is hidden with a man obsessed by butterflies. Fortunately, the theatre group includes Thorn, a woodturner. Unusually, he can intuitively judge the depths of bowls, or other spaces. Eventually, this leads to Sophie’s rescue.

Her rally is a success but the theatre group want justice. One of their members, Tubs, an ex-junkie, maintains contact with a former veteran who has become a security expert. With his help, justice happens.

Finally, the thespians create a ritual and remove Bogden’s curse from the land.

Books By:  Jon Wesick


and other stories

written by: Jon Wesick


Take a trip into worlds where werewolves turn into cuddly dogs and political correctness is a cynical right-wing plot. Or perhaps look for the answer to a question that haunts you.

Do your trips to the grocery store resemble military missions with snipers waiting in ambush behind the frozen peas? Perhaps you need to stand up and say what's on your mind before the very end. Take a look inside the mind of a writer that twists and turns like a roller coaster.

Here in Arugula and Other Stories you will find these stories and more. Open your mind and enjoy. There is so much more to experience and ponder.

The Alchemist's Grandson Changes His Name

written by: Jon Wesick


When the sky is falling, love can still be found among the rubble.

Can being a computer technician hamper your socializing or allow you to hack new possibilities into your life?

Or does your job eat at your subconscious, sending you into hiding and changing your very name?

This and more can be found within these pages.

Read on and explore the possibilities for yourself.


The Serial Murders of Mars

written by:  Paul Boulet


In 1896 (in a revisionist history where mankind has developed spaceflight roughly 100 years early), the maiden voyage of the British spaceliner, HMS Daedalus set to carry the first contingent of Royal investors to Mars. The mission is to christen a permanent mining colony the Ares Britannia, on the Martian moon, Phobos and return laden with metal ore.

The royal party is accompanied by Gavin Crossland, the architect/engineer who led the development team, and other representatives from Tyneside Spaceyardes is the company responsible for developing both the liner and the mining colony. Among the Royals is also Sir Archdale Wilson, a venerated man of the Empire and his attaché, Naik Thapa, his Gurkha companion.The group traveling to Mars completes the long journey but things are not what they expect when they arrive.

The Miners have taken control and will only be satisfied if the offending builders are brought to justice and some assurance given that the offenses won’t recur.

A Steampunk book to fit the future!


Age 18+

(Explicit Material Content )


(In alphabetical order according to author's last name)

Dark Fantasy/Horror

The Darkness Rising Universe by: Alexis Allinson

The Redemption of D.C. Hayes

written by: Alexis Allinson


Loki loves the chaos surrounding the birth of his grandson “Death Cub”.  Unfortunately for the child, he is born as a small child incapable of taking care for himself.  To complicate matters, his kin, deem him an abomination that needs to be done away with.

D.C. finds himself running from a Garu (werewolf in layman's terms) pack who wants him dead for a crime he knows he has, or may commit.  He can’t actually remember. There is only one issue… D.C. wants the time to redeem his soul for his sin before he dies.

How do you save yourself if you’re not sure you’re worth saving?  D.C. is forced to seek a way to help himself before the inevitable execution that awaits him.

The Dark Age of Bruce Mael

written by: Alexis Allinson


It was the beginning of the Dark Ages across Europe...

The mood of the people left them in despair. There was very little light to keep the population going. Murder, disloyalty, famine, disease, solitude and war affected everyone, as it became apart of daily life. Bruce was no exception to these events even with his royal status.

From the time he was a young child, beginning with the murder of his mother, and throughout his life, Bruce couldn't get away from the atrocities that kept rampaging toward him. They were like a moth to a flame with only a few moments of respite.

Bruce himself was filled with a darkness. One he would revel in without thought. One he would embrace at command when it was suitable. This was what could have been attracting what lurked in the shadows.

The darkness followed and inevitably lead him to his fate.

Kindle; A Shadow of Youth

written by: Alexis Allinson


When Paulos Sinopolis lost his wife Fontini during the birth of their daughter Kindle 7 years ago, he made himself a promise. He swore that he would protect his little girl no matter what.

Now that Kindle is sick he is prepared to do everything humanly possible and some things that aren't to ensure that he never loses her.

A trip into the Underworld to save her and an encounter with the Gods themselves may cure her illness, but at what cost. A meeting between Hades and Lucifer and the signing of a contract means that Kindle will have to fight for her new life, potentially forever.

With the eyes of death watching every move, encounters with the beings of nightmares, unexpected enemies and unlikely allies, Kindle's life is not that of the average 7 year old.

Mystery, magic, mayhem and eternal love seem to follow her while she struggles to survive and understand her existence.

Contracts have fine print. If you don't take the time to read it, you may get more than you bargained for, and a contract is binding...forever.

The Insanity of Gord Innock Part 3

currently being written by: Alexis Allinson

The Dismantling

written by: Lana Frankle


Dismantle (dis-man-tl)

verb used with object (dismantled; dismantling)

meaning: to disassemble or pull down; take apart.

What happens when you look at health and choose sickness?

What does it look like when the line between magical and ill blurs?

From medical personnel gripped by strange passing impulses to adolescent peer pressure turned bizarre to worlds that turn this one upside down. You will question everything in existence. Gain perspective of how it can all just fall apart with a simple look from a complete stranger.

The Dismantling runs the gamut of the weird and uncomfortable as it slowly picks this life apart.

Books by:  Mark Taylor

The Human Condition

written by: Mark Taylor


Take a good look at yourself in the mirror.  Ask yourself what you are truly capable of. Don't lie...your reflection will know.
The Human Condition is about the deepest, darkest part of the human mind—that part of us we suppress.  But what if...just for a moment...we let the maladjusted you out to play? Would you be capable of the demented? Of maniacal, deranged violence?
This collection of macabre short stories will have you on the edge of your seat as you come to realize you are not that different from the monsters in these tales…the ones hiding in polite society…the one in the mirror.


Just Lucky Trilogy by: Fred Waiss

Just Lucky

Book 1:  Friends & Enemies

written by: Fred Waiss


At age ten an accident cost Ron Russell all use of his left arm. Some people allow their disability to define them. Others use it to push themselves to their limits. Ron did both. When he entered college eight years later his devotion to physical fitness and martial arts prepared him to handle himself well in a fight. As a freshman he acquired his first girlfriend, but their friendship "with benefits” would go no farther and he gave her his blessing to pursue an old flame that had returned to her life.

Then he meets Audrey. The two fall very much in love. But over a year later, Audrey is brutally murdered as an act of revenge against her older brother, and Audrey is not the first victim. The police can gather no evidence, and there may be corruption on the force. Finally, Ron and Audrey’s family decide that something must be done. Plans go awry; Ron barely survives the encounter; but justice is served. Then the story (with the accompanying frame story) skips ahead about twenty years, when Ron discovers something almost unbelievable.

Just Lucky

Book 2:  Love & Hate

written by: Fred Waiss


Ron has completed his student teaching in high school physical education, along with a minor in “adventure”. He graduates but returns immediately to continue his post-graduate work.

During this time Ron finds himself able to move on socially. Jean Dahlquist, one of Audrey's best friends, re-enters his life and reveals to Ron that she has been in love with him for a long time. She could not tell him this before because Ron and Audrey were so in love. Jean would never do anything that might hurt Audrey. In a very short time, Ron finds himself returning her love.

Life seems to achieve a sense of normalcy only to have one of Jean's family secrets interrupt. And later a past acquaintance tosses it into chaos again.

Historical Fiction


written by: Henry Brasater


Mississippi River banks of 1858 provide a backdrop for Nandana’s story of lust, betrayal, murders, and a jagged triangle.

Former voyageur Monsieur Picou has achieved material wealth and power, always at the expense of those whom he encounters. Kerami—Picou’s illegitimate daughter by a Native American woman—seeks to loosen bonds of slavery from her father, including incest. Picou’s young and legitimate daughter—Seraphine—prepares to build a life with her Kaskaskia Indian lover, -Antenta. Picou’s indentured servant -Antenta lusts after Picou’s daughter, and the old man’s wealth.

Adolpho leads a small band of river pirates, who make their own frontier laws while plundering and killing on the Upper Mississippi River. The broadhorn Bregia’s Captain Bree has murdered his fourth wife in order to remain trading on the Great River between St. Louis and New Orleans. Jesuit Priest Joannes deLiette is a man strangled by his vocation, seeking to live free of ecumenical council.

Nandana is centered in Kaskaskia hamlet, populated by unpreposessing people seeking freedom from Europe’s tyrannies and America’s overflowing east coast. Kaskaskia Island is an extent location in the Upper Mississippi River, and remains a part of the state of Illinois.

Holiday Specific

All Ages

These books are designed for specific holiday celebrations.  


(In alphabetical order according to author's last name)


A Christmas Star Wish

written by: V.L. Marsell

illustrated by: Lucie Greasley

Ages 2+


Have you ever made a wish on the Christmas Star during the holiday season?

Did you ever wonder if anyone heard it?

That’s what a little ferret and a little boy did…. They made a wish for the love of a friend.

Both figures no one heard.


Someone did…well…a couple of someones… a couple of elves to be exact.

They knew what they had to do…

With Santa’s help and the Miracle of Christmas…something magical happens.


This group of books is produced with proceeds going to a charitable cause.


(In alphabetical order according to their release.  Newest to oldest)

All Ages Storybook with Pictures


edited by: Jessica Lami

Donating authors in no particular order:

Ollin Funn, C.Davy, Dirk McKeown, Mark Taylor, Ares Allinson, Alexis Allinson, Jessica Lami, and

Mythiecal Kreature

Donating illustrators in no particular order:

Artsybee, Vampire A.O., Roxamme Ready, Danielle Kish, Helen Page, Alexis Allinson, and Ann Amos



Take a break to the whimsical world of story telling.

Compiled from authors and illustrators all over the world, this general audience friendly book will have you dreaming of far off lands and places.

At the same time, your purchase of this book is helping researchers find a cure to all kinds of cancer.

Be happy, be imaginative and follow the Whimsy!

$5.00 USD from every book sale goes toward Cancer Research.   Donation amount to date: $25.00 USD


Books that have an educational plot and are good for all age groups in a learning process


(In alphabetical order according to author's last name) 

For Children

Thag's Therom

written and illustrated by: Fletcher Tanton

Ages: 6+


If you want to learn something and grin,

Then try some coloring in,

With Pythagoras's Theorem

Of a triangle and then some,

It's easy for you to begin!

For Adults

The Republic of Dreams and other Essays

by: Gary Beck

Ages: 18+


A collection of previously published essays by New York City author, Gary Beck.

From the previous published essays of New York author Gary Beck, comes The Republic of Dreams.

A collection of his best essays with concerns for the the modern world and its interaction with the government body that rules over it.