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Artists and Illustrators

 Elite Artists and Illustrators are listed alphabetically by their last name first or creator persona.

Elizabeth Eichelberger

Elizabeth Eichelberger was born in Virginia, US and presently resides in Florida, US. Working predominately in illustration, Elizabeth also works in graphics design, multiple digital art mediums, book trailer production, and photography. Mainly an autodidact, Elizabeth briefly studied with the Art Instructional Schools as well as taking  various courses of art throughout her primary education. Elizabeth has illustrated several published titles as well as cover art for published titles. Elizabeth has used the screen name of Alysathena for decades and many of her works can be found when searching this name. Her work can be found on her website at www.alysathena.com

Tim Sutcliffe

Tim is an up and coming artist. 

He enjoys producing exclusive pieces of art for the masses.

This elite artist productions include everything from t-shirts to game design.

His first published work is in the book "One More Snowball Please".

You can find Timothy on Facebook

Pierre is a cover designer

Pierre Rechatin


On DeviantArt, I go by the username "SugaryAshes". But generally I use my real name.

Currently living in Paris, France, Pierre was discovered by Gnome On Pig Productions by his artwork.  This is the cover of the book The Human Condition by Mark Taylor releasing July 1st, 2015.

Pierre has lived around the world in his youth, being exposed to many cultures and muses for his artwork.   "HergĂ©, author of "Tintin", is one of my earliest influences," Pierre told Gnome On Pig Productions in his artist interview.
Gnome On Pig Productions is happy to support and show off this amazing artist.

Where is the best place for people to see more of your artwork?

My tumblr http://electrictribulations.tumblr.com/

or DeviantArt http://sugaryashes.deviantart.com/