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Everyone needs a gnome in the home!

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Dirtbag Danny

written by: April Miller


In the not too distant future, parents have the option to “genetically design” their offspring. As a result most of Danny's classmates have been given every genetic advantage their parents could afford. Unfortunately for Danny, his parents had him “naturally” and he does not possess these enhancements.

This is what earns him the misguided title of “Dirtbag”.

Danny understands more than anyone about the reality of being yourself and how you look or the abilities you have don't necessarily make you a better person.

Released May 28th, 2019

Come Play With Me by the Sea

written by: Jack Donahue

illustrated by: Barbara Stein


A heart-warming tale of the perfect friendship found in the least expected place. A little boy plays on the beach with several seashore animals, successfully entering their world on his journey of discovery. Works as a delightful bedtime story for your little ones or a teaching tool for beginning readers.

Released June 1st, 2019!

First Charge

By: April Steel


Meredith and Theo are separated from their parents as children, like all protectors and guardians before them, who are descended from various mythical creatures. Since then, they have trained together for their future roles.

Meredith knows she likes girls, but is reluctant to get close to anyone, knowing that she will have to move on and leave them. Theo likes girls too, but as a descendant of Shape Shifters, he uses his powers to prevent them from ever knowing his true self.

At the age of fifteen, Meredith is given her first charge, Alex. He is destined to do something amazing, although Meredith doesn't know what that it yet. Meredith and Theo seek help from other protectors and guardians, but can they succeed in keeping Alex and his destiny safe?

Released JUNE 10th, 2019!

Coming Soon!


By: Mark Taylor



The dust storms of planet Falstaff rage tirelessly. On its surface, the mining colony Trinity is ending its three-year rotation. Before the miners can celebrate their return to Earth, something comes from the darkness. Something terrible. People are changing.

Contact with the military base on the nearest moon has ceased. Everyone there is gone.

Hundreds are left without hope, cut off from rescue. Help is days away, halfway across the solar system. It may as well be a lifetime.

A chosen handful must find the answers and fight for survival – the overworked project administrator, a first-time engineer, a doctor, and an aging judge, must battle against the darkness seeping into every human on the planet.

Without them it will mean the termination of life on TRINITY.

A science fiction/horror mashup, Trinity is full of action, peril, and terror. A novel where no one is safe…

Releasing Soon!

Serena the Dancing Sea Horse

written by: V.L. Marsell

illustrated by: Lindsey McCartney

Synopsis: Coming Soon!

Releasing in 2019

A Book of Lost Songs

by: Mark J. Mitchell

Cover Art: Coming Soon!

Synopsis: Coming Soon!

Releasing late 2018 or in 2019


written by:  Nikki Young

Cover Art:  Coming Soon!

Synopsis: Coming Soon!

Chase D. Zombee

written by:  Brittany K.  Fonte

Cover Art:  Coming Soon!

Synopsis: Coming Soon!


Time is of the Essence Book #1

author:  Mahegan L'Ami

Synopsis: Coming Soon!

Cover art: Coming Soon!

Second Impressions

written by: Fletcher Tanton

Cover Art:  coming soon!

Synopsis: coming soon!

One Step Away

written by:  Peter Bailey

Cover Art: coming soon!

Synopsis: coming soon!

 Holiday Season Releases to Look Forward To

Winter Solstice

Pagan Pals Book #1

author: Jessica Lami

illustrator: (not assigned at this time)

Cover Art:  Coming Soon!

Synopsis:  Coming Soon!


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