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Everyone needs a gnome in the home!

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By: Mark Taylor



The dust storms of planet Falstaff rage tirelessly. On its surface, the mining colony Trinity is ending its three-year rotation. Before the miners can celebrate their return to Earth, something comes from the darkness. Something terrible. People are changing.

Contact with the military base on the nearest moon has ceased. Everyone there is gone.

Hundreds are left without hope, cut off from rescue. Help is days away, halfway across the solar system. It may as well be a lifetime.

A chosen handful must find the answers and fight for survival – the overworked project administrator, a first-time engineer, a doctor, and an aging judge, must battle against the darkness seeping into every human on the planet.

Without them it will mean the termination of life on TRINITY.

A science fiction/horror mashup, Trinity is full of action, peril, and terror. A novel where no one is safe…

Released September 27th, 2019!

Chase D. Zombee

written by:  Brittany K.  Fonte


Fifth grade is hard enough, even if you're not a zombie like Chase. But have you ever had to have your arm reattached after a game of dodge-ball? Have you ever had vultures follow you everywhere you go, even to and from school?

That's just life—or un-death—for Chase D. Zombee. With his Buddhist best friend Luther, who doesn't mind the way he smells, a wonderful mom, and a grandma who's a witch, Chase gets by. He even makes new friends, like Hesper, the strange girl who's obsessed with super heroes.

Chase's only real problem is Big Ben Meany, the school bully, who's definitely out to get the zombie kid. That is, until Chase discovers a secret that could change the rules of the bully game for good.

Released December 2019!

Raise High the Walls

Book  3 of 'Stand to Arms, Marines' series

written by: Gary Beck


General Sam Hanson, U.S.M.C., now National Security Advisor to President Plant, with the support of his comrades and loyal subordinates, starts rebuilding America's place in the world; Canada and Mexico first.

Hanson organizes a search for threatening nuclear material in the homeland and finds some in the Pakistani embassy in Washington, D.C.

and the Iranian Mission in NYC and he forces their removal.

On a friendship building trip to Nicaragua al-Qaeda terrorists incite the locals to attack the Vice-President's and Secretary of State's convoy.

Hanson leads a desperate defense and they're rescued after suffering terrible casualties. Hanson and his comrades are determined to protect their country as they face the ongoing war on terror.

Released December 27, 2019

A Book of Lost Songs

by: Mark J. Mitchell

Cover Art: Coming Soon!

Synopsis: Coming Soon!

Releasing 2020


written by:  Nikki Young

Cover Art:  Coming Soon!

Synopsis: Coming Soon!

Serena the Dancing Sea Horse

written by: V.L. Marsell

illustrated by: Lindsey McCartney

Synopsis: Coming Soon!

Releasing in 2020

Second Impressions

written by: Fletcher Tanton

Cover Art:  coming soon!

Synopsis: coming soon!

One Step Away

written by:  Peter Bailey

Cover Art: coming soon!

Synopsis: coming soon!

Missing Hailey

Written by: Alexis Allinson

Cover reveal coming soon!


A little boy has lost his sister.

A man has lost himself.

A community has lost interest.

One small girl, looking for answers, discovered more than she expected.

She found a friend, found herself, and found a purpose as she embarked on a journey to change lives.

Releasing June 2020

Winter Solstice

Pagan Pals Book #1

author: Jessica Lami

illustrator: (not assigned at this time)

Cover Art:  Coming Soon!


Follow the average Pagan family through their preparation of the Christmas Solstice.

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Time is of the Essence Book #1

author:  Mahegan L'Ami

Synopsis: Coming Soon!

Cover art: Coming Soon!