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Gnome On Pig Productions works with an elite grouping of authors, artisans and illustrators to achieve the common goal of success!

We are quickly expanding into an international business, reaching across the globe. We are gaining recognition for our high quality, awards and expanding products which include:   Books, unique shopping opportunities for products, and many other types of medium.  It is all here  for you to explore! 

Gnome On Pig Productions is based out of Orillia, Ontario, Canada, but has acquired talented authors, illustrators and artists from all over the world!

Come in and check us out!  You won't be disappointed!

Everyone needs a gnome in the home!

 Submissions Closed
You can read what we look for below but any submissions will be ignored until next call.

Looking to Publish Your Books:

Gnome On Pig Productions is looking to publish your books.

Submission Guidelines and Publication Information:

  1. Your submission must be emailed to: book[email protected]

  2. We do not accept physical mail ins, private messages through social media or any other outlet. Your submission must include: your name, your desired pen name, your email address, a PDF sample of the work you wish to have published, if illustrated a sample of at least 3 illustrations, if the piece is new or previously published (documentation to show it is no longer published or under contract). You must be over 18 years of age to submit unless you have permission from a parent and or guardian which must also be submitted.

  3. Sample of the work must include:

    1. Children's Books: A brief outline of what the book is about, three pages of writing in a PDF file with 3 of the illustrations to go with it.  Gnome On Pig Productions currently employs only a small number of illustrators who are all working on projects at this time.  You are responsible for payment to your own illustrator and providing proof of copyright, new creation decoration and or splitting of royalties.  We can help you with the splitting of royalties if this method is approved between the author and illustrator.  We can also point you in the right direction to find an illustrator.

    2. Teen Books: A brief outline of what the book is about including desired genre, a PDF file of the first 1000 words, is the book a stand alone or a part of  a series.  If illustrations are to be included you must provide those upon acceptance to publish the work.

    3. Adult Book: A brief outline of what the book is about including desired genre, a PDF file of the first 2500 words, if the book is a part of a series.

    4. Short Story or Anthology: A brief outline of the stories including desired genre, a PDF file of one of the short  story/stories that will be a part of the publication.

  4.      Fan Fiction, Graphic Novel or Comics:  Gnome On Pig Productions is willing to print fan fiction, graphic novels and comics.  Fan Fiction must include written permission from the original creator and their proper contact information to have the submission approved.  Fan Fictions, Graphic Novel and Comic submissions must include; a 3-5 page sample of the work (set as a digital file), genre, target age demographic, and a brief description of the story line so we know if it is a stand alone or a part of the series.  We will ask further questions.

  5. You must inform Gnome On Pig Productions immediately should your submission be accepted by any other publication (this includes self publishing) so we can remove it from the submissions listing. 

  6. All books must be FICTION. We do not print non-fiction, self-improvement, art, poetry, infant board books, learning materials or texts at this time.

  7. We print in ENGLISH only. If you use any other language in your books it is on the onus of the author to make sure the translations are correct.

  8. Children's books must have their own illustrator as Gnome On Pig Productions does not employ an illustrator at this time. We can guide you to illustrators, but you will need to negotiate prices, royalties and contracts with them on your own. Gnome On Pig Productions will not be responsible for payments to illustrators/artists that are not under our direct employment.

  9. Depending upon the amount of submissions submitted will determine when you hear back about acceptance or rejection of a piece. Our last submission call rendered over 800 submissions and it took up to 10 months for us to get through them all.

  10. You will be notified of acceptance or rejection. Contracts come after acceptance.

  11. Please be informed, Gnome On Pig Productions DOES NOT PAY UPFRONT for any accepted work for publication. We pay by royalty earnings from sales only. We also DO NOT CHARGE any upfront fees to the authors that are accepted. Our portion of royalties is all the author releases.

  12. Authors, illustrators and artist KEEP THEIR COPYRIGHTS. Through contracts you only give permissions for us to reproduce, sell, distribute, advertise on your behalf.

  13. Gnome On Pig Productions strongly recommends you follow us through our social media so we can help you with the self promotion side of the publication process.  It is best to get to know your publisher before entering contracts with them.

  14. Facebook: www.facebook.com/gnomeonpig

  15. Twitter: @gnomeonpig

  16. Instagram: @gnomeonpig

These are our 3 biggest social media accounts.  We also have LinkedIn, Flikr and more.

Further inquires can be made at anytime through the same email address above.

Please be aware that this is NOT a FAST process. If you are looking for this we suggest self-publication through a vanity press.


Thank you for your submission and we hope to read your work soon!


Alexis Allinson

CEO of Gnome On Pig Productions

No opening date scheduled at this time for submissions.


Crumbling Ramparts

Author: Gary Beck


Crumbling Ramparts, is the action-packed thriller sequel to Call to Valor, and has us reunited with Marine Major Sam Hanson.

In the wake of the death of his son, Hanson's career has improved, following the election of President Zachery Plant. He's been given more authority to search the homeland for nuclear threats.

When the news reaches Hanson, that Marines are held captive by ISIS, in Iraq, it prompts him to lead a daring rescue mission; giving him a strong urge for retaliation.

A new threat of nuclear war looms.

Bin Laden may be gone, but his terrorism thr

Released August 1st 2018!

The Boy Who Wears Red Trousers

written by: Tom Perrin

illustrations by: Danielle Kisch

Synopsis : 

Alex Hancock is not your average ten-year-old boy.

He is incredibly unique, even if a piece of homework and the school bullies have made him feel otherwise.

Alex finds solace in the school library, and thanks to some magical intervention and his favourite red trousers, Alex finds himself on a journey of learning propelled by his love of fiction.

Released August 20th, 2018!

Thag's Therom

By:  Fletcher Tanton


If you want to learn something and grin,

Then try some colouring in,

With Pythagoras's Theorem

Of a triangle and then some,

It's easy for you to begin!

Released August 30th, 2018!

Coming Soon!

Dirtbag Danny

written by: April Miller

Synopsis: July 30th, 2018

Releasing late 2018/early 2019


By: Mark Taylor



The dust storms of planet Falstaff rage tirelessly. On its surface, the mining colony Trinity is ending its three-year rotation. Before the miners can celebrate their return to Earth, something comes from the darkness. Something terrible. People are changing.

Contact with the military base on the nearest moon has ceased. Everyone there is gone.

Hundreds are left without hope, cut off from rescue. Help is days away, halfway across the solar system. It may as well be a lifetime.

A chosen handful must find the answers and fight for survival – the overworked project administrator, a first-time engineer, a doctor, and an aging judge, must battle against the darkness seeping into every human on the planet.

Without them it will mean the termination of life on TRINITY.

A science fiction/horror mashup, Trinity is full of action, peril, and terror. A novel where no one is safe…

Releasing Soon!

A Book of Lost Songs

by: Mark J. Mitchell

Cover Art: Coming Soon!

Synopsis: Coming Soon!

Releasing late 2018 or in 2019

First Charge

By: April Steel

Cover Art:  coming soon!

Synopsis: coming soon!

Come Play With Me by the Sea

written by: Jack Donahue

illustrated by: Barbara Stein

Cover Art: Coming Soon!

Synopsis: Coming Soon!


written by:  Nikki Young

Cover Art:  Coming Soon!

Synopsis: Coming Soon!

Chase D. Zombee

written by:  Brittney Fonte

Cover Art:  Coming Soon!

Synopsis: Coming Soon!


Time is of the Essence Book #1

author:  Mahegan L'Ami

Synopsis: Coming Soon!

Cover art: Coming Soon!

Serena the Dancing Sea Horse

written by: V.L. Marsell

illustrated by: Lindsey McCartney

Synopsis: Coming Soon!

Cover Art: Coming Soon!

Second Impressions

written by: Fletcher Tanton

Cover Art:  coming soon!

Synopsis: coming soon!

One Step Away

written by:  Peter Bailey

Cover Art: coming soon!

Synopsis: coming soon!

Ug the Thug

written by:  Kenneth Steven

illustrated by: Soundya Raman

Cover Art: Coming soon!

Synopsis: Coming soon!

 Holiday Season Releases to Look Forward To

Winter Solstice

Pagan Pals Book #1

author: Jessica Lami

illustrator: (not assigned at this time)

Cover Art:  Coming Soon!

Synopsis:  Coming Soon!


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