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Work above created by: Vampireao and is NOT the cover art for the book.



Anthology of 10 short stories for all ages.

Whimsy Definition: anything odd or fanciful; a product of playful or capricious fancy:

A whimsy from an otherwise thoughtful writer.”

This anthology is for varies authors (new and experienced) to collaborate through Gnome On Pig Productions to create a book that tickles the fantasy of all ages. There is NO ADULT CONTENT that will be accepted.

Production Types: Will be issued in e-book, trade paperback and hardcover exclusive design in numbered editions.

Publication Year: 2017


Genre: Fantasy only

Age Range: General Audience Acceptance

Word Max: 25,000/story

Illustrations: Created and designed as a donation to the project

Language: English only

CHARITY:   A portion of the proceeds will be going to CANCER RESEARCH through the Canadian Cancer Society.  At this time we do not know the exact amount, but will guarantee a minimum $5.00 USD/sale.  This is the amount that can be donated after production costs of the book.

This is a great opportunity for the writers and aritists who wanted to just break out of their normal genre or get started for the first time.


Alexis Allinson

CEO of Gnome On Pig Productions

UPDATE:  Deadline submission extension!  

Jessica Lami and Adam M. Scott have decided to accept submissions until October 5th, 2016.  This decision was made to help some authors who expressed the deadline fell to close to their children returning to school for the ability to submit a story.


Jessica Lami will soon be going through all the submissions and contacting the accepted authors for the publication of WHIMSY.  

Thank you to everyone who sent in a story for this book as it is a part of a charity fund raiser.


Jessica Lami has contacted all authors who had work accepted to be a part of Whimsy.  Editing has begun and we are hoping for a spring release in 2017!  Thank you to all the authors and artists who have contributed to this cause.


Gnome On Pig Productions will not receive any profit from the production of this book.  Aside from the printing and distribution fees that are included in the pricing of the book, all proceeds will go to Cancer Research.


Due to the requirements of the book, fewer stories where chosen to be placed in it by editor Jessica Lami than at first anticipated.  All the stories are general audience friendly and we will keep you up-to-date!


We are planning a cover reveal soon so keep your eyes open!


The cover was officially revealed along with more details about the book on July 8th, 2017


We are waiting at the office for the proof copy of the book to come in before we put it out on the market.  Once we have more of the details we will be sure to post them here.