Gnome On Pig Productions

Everyone needs a Gnome in the home!


Photos of those who work at Gnome On Pig Productions at events they attend.

Wishes Christmas Market 2015 in Orillia, Ontario, Canada

Steampunk Festival 2015 in Coldwater, Ontario, Canada

1.)  A Wire Formed Chinese Dragon standing about 6' tall X 8' in length.  It was created by:  Lisa Brunetta of Eco Art & Craft Wire Sculpture.

2.)  A wire formed Dragon with an orb.  Created by:  Lisa Brunetta of Eco Art & Craft Wire Sculpture.

3).  A costume designer from Kelly-Francis Costumes Inc. posing with Alexis Allinson (CEO/Owner of Gnome On Pig Productions).

4.)  A gentleman playing the theremin.

5.)  One of the art projects entered to win a STEAMPUNK award.  It is a robot with goblins inside operating it.

6.)  Steampunk Tinkerbell.

7.)  This years Steampunk Clock created to celebrate the festival.

March 2015 ComiCon in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Images above are from the March 2015 Toronto ComiCon.  Pictures from Left to Right:  

1.) Actress Terry Farrell (Star Trek: Deep Space 9; Becker; Hellraiser 3, and more) with Mike Allinson (Chief Editor of G.O.P.P.)

2.) Heather Marsh (good friend of Terry Farrell, actress and all around great person) with Mike Allinson (Cheif Editor of G.O.P.P.)

3.) Author and CEO to G.O.P.P., Alexis Allinson with one of the 501st Security Guards on duty at the ComiCon.