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Everyone needs a gnome in the home!

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The Girl Who Travelled the 

World by Accident

by: Tom J. Perrin


Savannah is an ordinary little girl who is going on the biggest trip of her life!

How big?

Well...a lot bigger than anyone could have expected.

Releasing January 27th, 2017!

The Stars Are Infinite

Book 2 of The Stars Trilogy

by: Amber Skye Forbes

Genre:  Teen Dark Fantasy

More to come soon!

Releasing 2017!


Ratatsokr Don't Like Salsa


Aliens Don't Like Cheese

By:  A. M. Scott

Illustrated by:  Elizabeth Eichelberger

Genre: Children

 Cover Art is under construction

These books are a part of the Mythical Creatures Don't Like Condiments series of children's books.


Ratatsokr are mythical woodland creatures of Norse mythology.  They protect the forest and it has been discovered that they don't like salsa.

Aliens don't like cheese!  This was discovered in 1947 when taking aliens out to lunch.

These adventures takes the imagination of childhood beyond the normal boundaries to be explored.  Only the first two books in a twelve book series by the author and illustrator surrounding the mythical creatures of our world and their dislike of condiments.

A fun book and a fun series that is being released in singles, pairs and anthologies over the next few years!

Releasing  Soon!

An interview with illustrator/artist Elizabeth Eichelberger!

As the books are being made ready for their release, illustrator and artist, Elizabeth Eichelberger took time out from her busy schedule to do an interview with Gnome On Pig Productions about her art process.  We hope you can get to know Elizabeth a little better and appreciate her artwork even more!

  1. Can you describe the processes you go through when working on an illustration/animation commission from start to finish? 

If the commission has a reference image, I first use it to base my primary/preliminary sketch(s) on. If no references are provided, I begin sketching from my mind’s eye. I normally will seek approval on the initial concept sketch before adding color to ensure I am on the same wave length as the person I am creating for. Once approval has been given I then select a color pallet. I again ensure the colors are suitable, upon this approval I then begin to add detail and shading to help the piece come to life. Although most dive head in and then submit their completed work, I prefer to avoid revisions and wasting much time by sharing the process with those I am creating for. It helps ensure the end result is exactly what they wanted, or better than they had hoped.

2. Which commissions do you enjoys the most, and which are most beneficial to you (if these aren't the same)? 

It is always so flattering and an honor when someone entrusts me to create for them. I have never looked at it as beneficial.....I must say, I do love illustrating children’s books, however. Not so much of a personal benefit really as it is the love of watching a child’s eyes delight as they look at the pages and enjoy reading or learning to read. Being able to do something that I love and doing it as my profession is extremely rewarding enough in itself.

3. Would you say that a technical or manual process has a more important role in your work (I mean computers opposed to pen and paper)? Why? 

I have several disabilities which make manual/organic art extremely difficult. Within as much, digital art helps me create faster and with less difficulty as well as less pain. I still love organic art and always will try to create manually....at least as long as I am able to.

4. Which programs do you find most helpful when illustrating/animating? 

I have been asked this quite often. It changes on a whim depending on what I am creating. I use so many programs for different aspects. Perhaps there are some that do it all, but I do like to use several. Serif Draw Plus is absolutely wonderful and I recommend it to anyone just starting out. It is not as daunting as some others available. Once you master it, you can then move on to the more advanced programs.

5. The AOI helps new illustrators publish their work etc. How helpful were they in terms of where you are now career-wise compared to when you were just starting out/fresh out of your degree? 

This is not a United States company and until this query, I’d never heard of it.

6. How would you compare your work to that of other modern illustrators and animators in the same league as yourself? 

I have always believed that art is interpretive. Within as much, I do not compare or rate any artist against myself...nor vice versa. I admire all art and respect my peers and their works immensely. Although I know of some who believe their works to be of a higher caliber, I believe all art comes from the heart....unless it is recreating someone else’s work or blatantly tracing. I cannot compare myself to anyone as I believe we are all unique and as artists/creators we have our own talent to share and provide.

7. Whose work do you admire within illustration and animation; who or what inspires you from outside your own medium of work (if anyone/thing)? -What first inspired you to follow the route you have taken? 

I have always admired Walt Disney. His heart made his creations come to life.....his visions continue to bring happiness to children everywhere. Though animation and illustration have certainly evolved greatly since the first meeting of Steamboat Willie in 1928, I believe this created the foundation for all of animation today. Disney’s determination and hard work to achieve his dream is incredibly inspiring and I have always admired him. I remember as a very young child drawing Mickey Mouse and wanting to never stop drawing.

8. Is there anyone's work that you don't like? - do you have and rivalries or competition? 

Absolutely not. I am only in competition with myself. I love all art/illustration and animation. I respect all who create.

9. What is your favorite style of illustration/animation?

I absolutely love the old fashioned animation and illustration. It by far is my favorite. I do enjoy all the new CGI and the wonders from Pixar and DreamWorks. They are lifelike and magical. Yet, I think the old fashioned style takes me back to my youth and I feel happiest when I see it.

10. How do you keep your work fresh? Do you need to consciously adapt your style or does it progress naturally? (I don’t mean to suggest that consciously adapting a style is any less talented than it occurring naturally…) 

For me personally, each project I work on brings an evolution of sorts. Although I do not think I have a style, I have been told I do by others. I believe most artists evolve and their work grows as they create more. I have watched this even in my own daughter as I teach her art. As you draw and create more, your perspective becomes clearer and you are able to focus on detail more.

I do not think art has a need to adapt to be fresh however......The Mona Lisa is timeless.....Just as the original Winnie The Pooh books will always remain classics.

11. Where did you study for your degree? 

I studied with The Art Instructional School. However, I have no degrees in art.

12. Where and what did you study before your degree? Do you feel that you gained anything from your previous education i.e. A levels? 

I took the basic studies. Oddly enough, I am presently amidst considering enrollment to further my studies on multiple levels in art and illustration as well as graphic design.

13. What advice would you give an aspiring illustrator/animator? -In hindsight, would you have done anything differently? 

Always have a backup plan. This industry is hardly lucrative. If you are in it for fame do not even bother. I have watched so many who were fail. This is an occupation of love only. You can work for a year on a project and not receive a dime....it does not matter your talent or skill level either. Make sure you read all fine print and sign nothing without first letting someone read over what you may sign or agree to do. Be prepared for failure...no matter how good you think you are, there will always be someone who is either better or brings more to the table than you. Stay humble, accept criticism it only will help you to grow.

In hindsight, the only thing I would have done differently was my education. I was presented the offer of scholarships for commercial art marketing. At the time, I was fully capable of manual art and scoffed at the idea of using a machine to create art. I considered it cheating at the time. I, of course, have since learned that it requires just as much talent and skill to do digital art......Perhaps that is the one choice I might have changed...but honestly I would probably not. I have been so very blessed to work with amazing authors and meet so many people through commissions. I would not want to jeopardize these meetings as the path I chose led me to them.

14. Where would you like your work to lead you? Have you any aspirations or plans for the future? 

I have no grandeur hopes of fame. My aspirations are really simple. I would like to inspire young budding artists to nourish their talents, to never stop dreaming and to never stop creating.

15. Do you also write?

Absolutely do. I always took creative writing courses along with my art studies. I believe the two tend to go hand in hand.

Thank you, Elizabeth for taking the time to answer our questions.

Elizabeth Eichelberger has illustrated many children's books and completed books cover art and music cover art for albums.  We suggest you look up more of her work at her website!  You can find a link to this under our SHOPPING tab!

Dramatic Novella Coming Soon!

The First and Final Hours


Paul Weatherby

by: Fletcher Tanton


Sadly, Paul Weatherby was born with severe mental and physical disabilities.

In his sixteenth year a small blood vessel ruptures inside his head and he  suffers what is known as a Cerebral Vascular Accident.

Slowly, the intracranial pressure increases, claiming Paul's life, but no one in his family realize that this is happening.   

Something else happens, too. Something medically inexplicable. As the pressure builds so Paul becomes more and more aware of himself as a person.  Memories return.  Emotions surface. He experiences joy, love, anger and sadness. For the first time, he experiences LIFE.

Cover Art: Coming Soon!

Releasing late winter of 2017!


Serial Murders of Mars

by: Paul Boulet

Cover Reveal: Coming Soon!

Synopsis: Coming Soon!

Releasing in 2017!

Coming Soon!

Blame It on the Dwarf

by:  Barry Rosenberg

Genre: Dark Fantasy/Horror

Synopsis:  Coming Soon.

Releasing 2017

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