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Everyone needs a gnome in the home!

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The Stars Are Infinite

Book 2 of The Stars Trilogy

by: Amber Skye Forbes

Genre:  Teen Dark Fantasy


Alice Sheraton is slated to be executed as a witch; however, her father spares her. He sends her to Finight Hill, a safe house for witches.

While staying in the “safety” of Finight Hill, a Shadowman begins to pursue her. In a strange turn of events, Alice learns from this Shadowman she has been bound with a terrible fate since birth: either be a martyr to free witches from their misery, or choose to live knowing her existence will bring on more chaos.

The thrilling second instalment of The Stars Trilogy by Amber Skye Forbes will leave you on the edge of your seat!

Releasing May 2017!


Ratatsokr Don't Like Salsa


Aliens Don't Like Cheese

By:  A. M. Scott

Illustrated by:  Elizabeth Eichelberger

Genre: Children


These books are a part of the Mythical Creatures Don't Like Condiments series of children's books.


Ratatsokr are mythical woodland creatures of Norse mythology.  They protect the forest and it has been discovered that they don't like salsa.

Aliens don't like cheese!  This was discovered in 1947 when taking aliens out to lunch.

These adventures takes the imagination of childhood beyond the normal boundaries to be explored.  Only the first two books in a twelve book series by the author and illustrator surrounding the mythical creatures of our world and their dislike of condiments.

A fun book and a fun series that is being released in singles, pairs and anthologies over the next few years!

Releasing  Soon!

Dramatic Novella Coming Soon!

The First and Final Hours


Paul Weatherby

by: Fletcher Tanton


Sadly, Paul Weatherby was born with severe mental and physical disabilities.

In his sixteenth year a small blood vessel ruptures inside his head and he  suffers what is known as a Cerebral Vascular Accident.

Slowly, the intracranial pressure increases, claiming Paul's life, but no one in his family realize that this is happening.   

Something else happens, too. Something medically inexplicable. As the pressure builds so Paul becomes more and more aware of himself as a person.  Memories return.  Emotions surface. He experiences joy, love, anger and sadness. For the first time, he experiences LIFE.

Releasing in 2017!


Serial Murders of Mars

by: Paul Boulet

Cover Reveal: Coming Soon!

Synopsis: Coming Soon!

Releasing in 2017!

Coming Soon!

Blame It on the Dwarf

by:  Barry Rosenberg

Genre: Dark Fantasy/Horror

Synopsis:  Coming Soon.

Releasing 2017


Pink Decisions

by: Matt Army

artwork by:  Coming Soon!

More information coming soon!




by: Jon Wesick


Take a trip into worlds where werewolves turn into cuddly dogs and political correctness is a cynical right-wing plot. Or perhaps look for the answer to a question that haunts you.

Do your trips to the grocery store resemble military missions with snipers waiting in ambush behind the frozen peas? Perhaps you need to stand up and say what's on your mind before the very end. Take a look inside the mind of a writer that twists and turns like a roller coaster.

Here in Arugula and Other Stories you will find these stories and more. Open your mind and enjoy. There is so much more to experience and ponder.

Releasing Soon!


The Redemption of D.C. Hayes

by: Alexis Allinson

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Original Novella released in August 2012.  With the anticipation of being picked up by another publication house it was pulled from self publication.  As the deal fell through and the fans of the book wanted more, Alexis Allinson chose to take the time and rework the book into a full sized novel, adding 7 chapters to the story of her demi-god character.

With new cover art, a reworked story and so much more, The Redemption of D.C. Hayes will be finally re-releasing in 2017.

Synopsis:  Loki loves the chaos surrounding the birth of his grandson “Death Cub”. Unfortunately for the child, he is born as a full grown adult. To complicate matters, he is haunted by the apparition of a wolf that lays murdered in the woods.

D.C. finds himself running from a Garu pack who wants him dead for a crime he knows he has, or may commit. He can’t actually remember. There is only one issue…D.C. wants the time to redeem his soul for his sin before he dies.

How do you save yourself if you’re not sure you’re worth saving? D.C. is forced to seek a way to help himself before the inevitable execution that awaits him.

Limited Time Offer:

Download the original novella for a short time at: Amazon.com 

Re-Releasing Summer of 2017

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