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Gnome On Pig Productions works with an elite grouping of authors, artisans and illustrators to achieve the common goal of success!

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Everyone needs a gnome in the home!

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Short Story Release

The Dismantling

by:  Lana Frankle

genre:  Science Fiction


Dismantle (dis-man-tl)

verb used with object (dismantled; dismantling)

meaning: to disassemble or pull down; take apart.

What happens when you look at health and choose sickness?

What does it look like when the line between magical and ill blurs?

From medical personnel gripped by strange passing impulses to adolescent peer pressure turned bizarre along with worlds that turn this one upside down. You will question everything in existence. Gain perspective of how it can all just fall apart with a simple look from a complete stranger or be built up from the careful placement of a wind with a seed.

The Dismantling runs the gamut of the weird and uncomfortable as it slowly picks this life apart.

Releasing in August of 2016!

Author interview with Lana Frankle coming soon!

Releasing Soon!

Capricious Visions

by: Edward Ahern

genre:  Dark Fantasy/Horror


Welcome to the entertainingly demented realities of Edward Ahern. These twenty-five stories take us one step too far—out of the world we know and into fantastic and horrifying visions.

Meet the spirits, elder gods, truly predatory animals, demons and not-normal humans that populate this book.

Sometimes light-hearted, sometimes eerie, sometimes abominable, capricious but always entertaining stories taken from the pages of magazines and anthologies and assembled here.

Releasing Summer of 2016!

Author interview with Edward Ahern coming soon!


One More Snowball Please!

by: Jessica Lami

illustrated by:  Timothy Sutcliffe

Genre: Children

Sadie is a springer spaniel obsessed with snowballs!  "Just throw one more, please!"

Based on the life story of  one of her most beloved pets, Jessica has brought us this story to share for generations!


The Stars Are Infinite

Book 2 of The Stars Trilogy

by: Amber Skye Forbes

Genre:  Teen Dark Fantasy

More to come soon!

Releasing November 2016!


Just Lucky

Book 1:  Friends and Enemies

by: Fred Waiss

Genre:  Romance/Drama

Synopsis:   Coming Soon!

Cover reveal:  Coming Soon!

Releasing in 2016!


A Christmas Star Wish

written by:  V.L. Marsell

illustrated by:  Lucie Greasley

Genre:  Children/Holiday


Have you ever made a wish on the Christmas Star during the holiday season?

Did you ever wonder if anyone heard it?

That’s what a little ferret and a little boy did. They made a wish for the love of a friend.

Both believe that no one heard.

But…someone did hear their wish…well…a couple of someones…a couple of elves to be exact.

With Santa’s help and the Miracle of Christmas…something magical happens.

To find out the rest….you’ll just have to read the story!



Ratatsokr Don't Like Salsa


Aliens Don't Like Cheese

By:  Adam M. Scott

Illustrated by:  Elizabeth Eichelberger

Genre: Children


Ratatsokr are mythical woodland creatures of Norse mythology.  They protect the forest and it has been discovered that they don't like salsa.

Aliens don't like cheese!  This was discovered in 1947 when taking aliens out to lunch.

These adventures takes the imagination of childhood beyond the normal boundaries to be explored.  Only the first two books in a twelve book series by the author and illustrator surrounding the mythical creatures of our world and their dislike of condiments.

A fun book and a fun series that is being released in singles, pairs and anthologies over the next few years!

Releasing Late Summer/Early Fall

An interview with illustrator/artist Elizabeth Eichelberger is coming soon!

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