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Gnome On Pig Productions works with an elite grouping of authors, artisans and illustrators to achieve the common goal of success!

We are quickly expanding into an international business, reaching across the globe. We are gaining recognition for our high quality, awards and expanding products which include:   Books, unique shopping opportunities for products, and many other types of medium.  It is all here  for you to explore! 

Gnome On Pig Productions is based out of Orillia, Ontario, Canada, but has acquired talented authors, illustrators and artists from all over the world!

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Everyone needs a gnome in the home!


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Serial Murders of Mars

by: Paul Boulet


In 1896 (in a revisionist history where mankind has developed spaceflight roughly 100 years early), the maiden voyage of the British spaceliner, HMS Daedalus set to carry the first contingent of Royal investors to Mars. The mission is to christen a permanent mining colony the Ares Britannia, on the Martian moon, Phobos and return laden with metal ore.

The royal party is accompanied by Gavin Crossland, the architect/engineer who led the development team, and other representatives from Tyneside Spaceyardes is the company responsible for developing both the liner and the mining colony. Among the Royals is also Sir Archdale Wilson, a venerated man of the Empire and his attaché, Naik Thapa, his Gurkha companion.The group traveling to Mars completes the long journey but things are not what they expect when they arrive.

The Miners have taken control and will only be satisfied if the offending builders are brought to justice and some assurance given that the offenses won’t recur.

A Steampunk book to fit the future!

Releasing November 8th, 2017!


edited by: Jessica Lami

A general audience friendly compilation of stories surrounding the fantasy realm.

Whimsy has authors from all over the world lending their writing for a great cause...CANCER RESEARCH.  

Proceeds from the sales of the book will be going directly to Cancer Research.  

Gnome On Pig Productions will not be profiting in any way from the sales.

More information is still to come.

Find more under the information tab with the title of the book from this page.


Take a break to the whimsical world of story telling.

Compiled from authors and illustrators all over the world, this general audience friendly book will have you dreaming of far off lands and places.

At the same time, your purchase of this book is helping researchers find a cure to all kinds of cancer.

Be happy, be imaginative and follow the Whimsy!

$5.00 (USD) of every book sale is donated to Cancer Research.  

Learn more on the Whimsy tab.

Releasing October 28th, 2017

Coming Soon!

Rataskor Don't Like Salsa

written by: A.M. Scott

illustrated by:  Elizabeth Eichelberger

The second book in the Mythical Creatures Don't Like Condiments series of children's literature.

These little creatures, Rataskor ( a kind of half squirrel and half bird) are said to inhabit the Norse woodlands, keeping the forest free of harm from humans.  One day, someone sees them and offers for them to try salsa.  It is discovered that they really don't like it at all.  Find out why through this fun tale.

Other released books in the series are:  Aliens Don't Like Cheese; Werewolves Don't Like Raspberry Jan (in the works); Zombies Don't Like Ketchup (in the works and more!

RELEASING in 2018!

The Alchemist's Grandson Changes 

His Name

Author:  Jon Wesick

Synopsis: Coming Soon!

Coming in 2018!

Tilli the Orphaned Turtle

written by: V.L. Marsell

illustrated by: Lindsey  McCartney

Synopsis: Coming Soon!

Cover Art : Coming Soon!

The Boy Who Wears Red Trousers

written by: Tom Perrin

illustrations by: Danielle Kisch

Synopsis : Coming Soon!

Cover Art: Coming Soon!


Time is of the Essence Book #1

author:  Mahegan L'Ami

Synopsis: Coming Soon!

Cover art: Coming Soon!

Crumbling Ramparts

Author: Gary Beck

Synopsis: Coming Soon!

Cover Art: Coming Soon!

Just Lucky: Love and Hate

Book #2

Author: Fred Waiss

Synopsis: Coming Soon!

Cover Art: Coming Soon!

Werewolves Don't Like Raspberry Jam

author: Adam M. Scott

illustrator:  Elizabeth Eichelberger

Cover Art:  Coming Soon!

Synopsis:  Coming Soon!

Winter Solstice

Pagan Pals Book #1

author: Jessica Lami

illustrator: (not assigned at this time)

Cover Art:  Coming Soon!

Synopsis:  Coming Soon!


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